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Cité Gestion’s agile structure and first-class technical infrastructure ensure that you receive the full range of wealth management services while benefiting from the expertise of experienced professionals who enjoy considerable freedom in their activities and choices.

Wealth management experts

Cité Gestion’s sole activity is the management of Swiss and international clients’ private wealth. It combines the independence of bank to the discipline and security of an institution supervised by FINMA.

We are licensed as a Swiss bank a status that allows us to focus on our role as wealth managers, which is to advise and serve you in your best interests. Cité Gestion has offices in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich and boasts top-quality administrative and technical infrastructure specially developed by Lombard Odier. This guarantees we have solid processes, with the advantage of enabling us to offer custody services or account openings directly with us, simplified administrative tasks and responsive, effective back office processes. There are no constraints as you are free to choose where you deposit your assets and the jurisdiction that applies.

Our values

Our three core values

Our core values – a close relationship, freedom of action, efficiency and rigor – support our promise to nurture the special partnership we share with you.

A close relationship
Our number one priority is to focus all our attention on protecting and growing your wealth. We undertake to propose customized, pragmatic solutions tailored to your situation, while building a long-term relationship with you based on exchange and mutual understanding. Our approach provides a clear alternative to the growing standardization of financial services.
Freedom of action
Cité Gestion’s wealth managers are experienced professionals with considerable freedom of initiative. Their sole objective is to meet your requirements by bringing real added value to your relationship. They achieve this by drawing on their experience, their responsibility and their team spirit and by sharing their knowledge. At Cité Gestion, our performance is reflected in your advisor’s everyday commitment to providing you with the best possible service.
Efficiency and rigor
Our status of bank combined to an independent wealth manager afford us the freedom to advise you throughout your life while providing the safeguards that come from being regulated by the Swiss supervisory authority, FINMA. This unique business model requires discipline in our management and efficiency in our execution.
Our history

A history of growth

We created Cité Gestion so you can benefit from personalized investments, flexible solutions and a long-term relationship. Our aim was to bring back a more traditional approach to private banking.

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