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By choosing Cité Gestion, you will benefit from our unique business model which sets us apart from most traditional wealth managers. We follow a pragmatic approach that contrasts with the growing automation of investment processes and we offer custodian services as well as personalized investment solutions with no country restrictions or limits on the amounts invested.

The freedom of an independent wealth manager and the security of a bank

With its status as both a wealth manager and a bank, Cité Gestion combines the best of private banking services (account openings with us, stock exchange transactions, wire transfers, etc.) with independent investment advice.

Your assets are protected by strict regulations; your wealth management and investment choices are fully respected in the most efficient way, without dogmatic constraints. When you open an account with Cité Gestion, all your assets will be registered in our books and deposited with Lombard Odier, one of the oldest and strongest Swiss private banks (rated AA-).


A licensed bank offering custodian services under Swiss law


You can choose to deposit your assets with other Swiss or international banks


Our activities are directly supervised by FINMA


We observe the same privacy rules as Swiss banks

our online services

Technical, operational and administrative support

Cité Gestion uses a technical and banking infrastructure solution developed by Lombard Odier group – a high-performance, secure system also used by other reputed private banks and institutions – so that our wealth managers can focus solely on managing your wealth. We have simplified our processes by delegating all our IT, operational and administrative tasks to a trusted partner, meaning our wealth managers can concentrate on the essence of their activity. You also enjoy an additional security guarantee because your assets are deposited with Lombard Odier, one of the world’s most solid private banks (Common Equity Tier 1 ratio:  20.5%).

Our online services

Open architecture

Find the best partner,
select the best product.

Cité Gestion has an open architecture approach so it can select the best partners and the most qualified experts to meet your specific requirements. Our wealth managers will offer you a wide choice of specialists in the areas that matter to you – investment products, custodians, legal or financial advisors, lawyers, tax experts, etc. They will also provide access to leading asset managers from around the world renowned for their research, asset allocation strategies and investment solutions.

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