Exclusively Bespoke

Wealth Management

You rightly expect quality listening and follow-up from the managers of your assets. You will find both at Cité Gestion. Each serving a limited number of clients, our managers are available and attentive. They work with you as long as it takes to devise fully bespoke solutions.

Cité Gestion focuses on providing tailor-made services focusing exclusively around your needs and projects. Our goal is to protect and grow your wealth.

Types of mandate

Discretionary management mandate

A discretionary mandate gives you the benefit of our strict investment framework in various reference currencies. What makes this type of management different at Cité Gestion, is that the management is not centralised, as it is at most other banking institutions. Instead, our asset management is fully bespoke and responsive to our ongoing dialogue with you. Your dedicated manager - with the support of our wealth planning team and our investment specialists - helps you decide which profile best suits your goals and expectations.

Investment advice

Cité Gestion guides you in the compilation and management of your asset portfolio. We identify investment opportunities appropriate to you, while adapting to your constraints, goals and plans. Naturally we negotiate the best possible charges for the services provided.

Enforcement order

We can execute your orders for all major markets and products around the clock, ensuring best execution practices at all time. Our transparent reporting tools allow you to evaluate your portfolio, notably thanks to immediate access to accounts.

What is your investor profile?

Your dedicated manager knows your asset management goals, your legal and fiscal situation and your preferences in terms of financial instruments, sectors and markets.
But, for your manager as well as for you, it’s important to know how averse - or otherwise - you are to risk. That is why your manager sees listening to you as his priority, in order to tailor any recommendations precisely to suit your profile

You are "cautious" if …

  • Your goal is to preserve your capital. Your preference is for blue-chip corporate bonds.
  • Your risk profile is low. You prefer a low level of risk and volatility in return for potentially lower returns.

In this case, we minimise your exposure to losses or fluctuations, taking your investment horizon as two to three years.

You are "balanced" if …

  • You seek long-term growth coupled with reasonable stability.
  • Your risk profile is medium. You are willing to accept a moderate degree of risk, to reap higher returns.

We guide you towards a medium level of risk, associated with markets with an investment horizon of five years plus.


You are "aggressive" if …

  • You seek long-term capital growth with the emphasis on equity markets.
  • You tolerate a substantial level of volatility or loss and accept high risk in order to maximize your returns.

We advise you to invest in shares of companies with strong growth potential, with a horizon of 10+ years.

You are an investor for "absolute return" if …

  • Your goal is to seize investment opportunities in all available asset classes, without reference to a model portfolio, and outside any risk profile.
  • Your risk profile is low to medium. You accept certain risks in order to improve returns.

We recommend absolute, as opposed to relative, return while preserving your capital. Investment horizon: five years.

Asset Allocation Fund

The Asset Allocation Fund developed by Cité Gestion offers a variety of securities, picked as recommended by our Investment Committee. Particularly suited to portfolios at the compilation stage, this fund offers you both flexibility and effective spreading of risk.

Estate Planning

Legal Advice

You can rely on Cité Gestion’s Legal Affairs services in matters of administrative and family law, drafting or understanding legal documents, liaison with third parties. We will find the right responses to whatever issues you may face.

Tax and Inheritance Expertise

The role of changing taxation arrangements plays a role of growing importance in asset management. Our taxation specialists help and guide you through the processes leading to tax optimisation appropriate to your needs.