Internal operating necessities have forced many major banks to adopt organisational models primarily as a response to those requirements. Bucking the industry trend, Cité Gestion offers a unique model because it is completely dedicated to the interests of its clientele. In other words, we channel all our effort into looking after your assets.




Guy BARBEY Geneva


Nicolas GEISSMANN Geneva


Blaise GILLIOZ Geneva


Luc JENKINS Geneva

Laurent KRAMER

Laurent KRAMER Lausanne


Thanks to their high level of expertise, our bankers are independent and thus free to advise you according to your goals and needs. Cité Gestion stands by your side by being present in three major cities of Switzerland.

Antoine BAERT Geneva

Philippe BARRAS Geneva

Julien CLEMENT Geneva

Virginie CONSTANCE Geneva

João COSTA Lausanne

Bertrand DAYER Zürich

Edward MAEDER Geneva

Francesco MANINI Lausanne

Soprano MARINELLI Lausanne

Gauthier MERKLI Zürich

Serge MIZRAHI Geneva

Thanh Tam NGUYEN Geneva

Charles-Aymeric HAINAULT Geneva

Christian HIRT Geneva

Niccolò AMSELLEM Geneva

Christoph ENZ Zürich

Abdou El Ilah BELGAID Geneva

Jean-Antoine PALOMINO Geneva


Executive committee

Our Executive Board has five members with long experience and high qualification levels. Cité Gestion’s Business Unit managers are all members of the Executive Board.


Guy BARBEY CEO - Partner Geneva

Christophe UTELLI

Christophe UTELLI Deputy CEO – Partner Geneva


Nicolas GEISSMANN Partner Geneva

Laurent KRAMER

Laurent KRAMER Partner Lausanne

Sébastien MICOTTI

Sébastien MICOTTI CLCO Geneva

Board of Directors


Germain STEINER President

Jean-François DUCREST

Jean-François DUCREST Vice President


Sophie MAILLARD Member

Corporate governance

The identification, control and management of risks are at the heart of Cité Gestion. The enclosed presentation gives you the corresponding information.

Corporate governance.pdf 


Finance & Operations

All Cité Gestion’s quick and direct operational services are at your fingertips.
Our teams operate flexibly, close to each other and to you. They guarantee a
prompt and high-quality response to all your instructions.

For your security, Cité Gestion complies with the FINMA equity ratio requirements.
Minimum tier 1 ratio: 20.6%
Last, but not least, our accounts are audited and certified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Finance & Operations

Stéphane Demierre, Finances
Nicolas Moullet, Operations
Clément Di Luca, Operations

Legal Affairs & Compliance

Cité Gestion’s procedures are efficient. This means we mobilise quickly on your behalf. Of course, we protect the confidentiality - both internally and externally - of everything you entrust us with, including your e-mail address. Our custodian status is your guarantee of our total independence.

Legal Affairs & Compliance

Sébastien Micotti, CLCO
Sibille Pétremand
Fabienne Lopez-Pitetti
Claudio Palumbo



Cité Gestion pays careful attention to risk management. Leading-edge tools guarantee your security, especially in terms of control of the investments made on your account, and ensure strict compliance with your personal risk profile.


Maria Besteiro

HR & Communication

HR & Communication
Evelyne Messmer