What are the differences between a securities trading company and a bank?

Our activity as a securities trading company and as a custodian is exactly like a bank with, however, two limitations.
Cité Gestion :

  • Cannot appeal to the public to fund its capital.
  • Cannot pay interest on its client’s current accounts.

Do I have the same guarantee if I deposit my assets in Cité Gestion as in any other bank?

The statute of securities trading company and custodian conferred by the FINMA, the Swiss banking authority, represents a first-class security guarantee. Exactly like a bank, Cité Gestion is subject to strict controls on risk management.

When Cité Gestion acts as an independent asset manager for clients who choose to keep all or part of their assets in a partner custodian bank, the counterparty risk lies with the custodian bank.

To what obligation of confidentiality is Cité Gestion subject?

Confidentiality, like performance, is one of the matters to which Cité Gestion gives the highest priority. Thus, owing to its small size, the number of people authorised to access client information (central files) is extremely limited, and no employee of Cité Gestion can access alone confidential client information.

Finally, owing to its statute as a financial organization, Cité Gestion must respect professional secrecy exactly like a bank, and is subject to the same civil and criminal sanctions.

Why was Cité Gestion created?

We sought a small, simple structure able to provide entirely independently the complete range of wealth management services, relying on a team of experienced professionals and a first-class infrastructure. Thanks to the positioning of Cité Gestion, our clients benefit from a complete service structure while keeping the freedom to choose the custodian bank and its jurisdiction. This unique structure accompanied by high-quality partners fulfils precisely our client’s needs.

How do you decide on asset allocation and investment?

The investment committee within Cite Gestion decides the overall investment strategies and recommends the appropriate investment actions. The research and expertise of our depository partners to which we have access, constantly provides us with the necessary information for our investment decisions.