Family office mandate with asset consolidation (portfolio arbitrage)

Why not found a family office with Cité Gestion? This is the way to preserve, manage and pass on your family’s financial, professional, social and other assets over several generations. In addition to financial and asset-related matters, your family office will take charge of your personal affairs: travel arrangements, children’s education, vehicle and real-estate management and much more.
If necessary, an operation can be carried out to consolidate the family assets and allow arbitrage. This means investment instruments which are performing less well can be replaced with others, better suited to your objectives.

Global Custody & Reporting

Retain total freedom to appoint the wealth manager of your choice. And avoid the risks and complications of multiple custody accounts. Our Global Custody & Reporting service, in cooperation with Lombard Odier, brings together your custody and non-custody holdings (real estate, investments in hedge funds and private equity, art works, yachts, aircraft etc). It includes:

  • a powerful tool to manage your global risks (foreign currency exposure; asset classes)
  • administration of your holdings and related accounting
  • gauging and analysing the performance of your portfolios
  • regular, personalised reporting consolidated at several levels
  • computerized access to all your portfolios.

Aggregation of accounts with multiple custodians

When you hold accounts with multiple custodians, Cité Gestion provides you with overall monitoring tools which give you a complete over-view of all your holdings. Analyse their performance with your dedicated manager! The tool gives a clear display of multiple parameters and is a valuable aid in the decisions involved in managing your entire asset portfolio.