Wealth Management

Cité Gestion is your partner. We make sure to personalise each asset strategy to deal with any issue in the best possible way. Our vocation is to mobilise all our resources in order to properly meet the specific needs that make you unique.

Preserving your assets is what matters the most to us. By doing a personalised study of your wealth situation, we will be able to offer you an adequate and effective management. We put all our efforts into knowing what your expectations are concerning risk and personalising the strategy we will apply to the management of your assets. Finally, our independence, which is the result of our vision and the professional expertise of our responsible Managers, guarantees you the best solutions. A solid balance sheet, no speculative activity and a reference shareholder with convergent goals are all guarantees of aligning our interests with yours.

All the conditions are thus met at Cité Gestion to build a unique relationship with you, based on trust and privacy.


Loim funds

Loim funds

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Our Values

There are three core values which Cité Gestion holds dear. They allowed us to become unique in the industry of asset management. They also are the defining values of the privileged partnership that we forge and maintain with you.


Every asset has its history: each client has a unique personality, needs and plans for the future. As for Cité Gestion, we have the foresight and experience to contribute our expertise in order to use these unique characteristics. This is our way of becoming your trusted partner, and delivering services tailored to your objectives. Your satisfaction is the measure of all that we do.


At Cité Gestion, the interests of each client are our first priority. Each asset Manager directly manages his or her client’s portfolio. The quality of this relationship is what makes us different and is a key element of our expertise. It is one of the many positive aspects of our human scale company and therefore reflects the quality of our experts.


Cité Gestion is synonym of freedom of choice. We depend on our independence to pick the best vehicles of investment on the market for you. It means we can respond quickly to your changing needs.

Business model

Cité Gestion combines the flexibility and autonomy of an independent asset manager with the rigour and security of FINMA supervision - a rare advantage in Switzerland.

Solely dedicated to asset management, our model rests on three pillars which make it flexible and strong.

Best in class infrastructure

  • 100% powered by the Lombard Odier Group (LO Group)
  • Use of a state-of-the-art banking infrastructure by delegating all our IT and administrative activities to the LO Group
  • All assets are booked with LO Group which has a AA- rating and a 26.5% Tier One ratio

Open Architecture

  • Free choice of the Custodian Bank (with a broad selection made by Cité Gestion)
  • Network of 3rd party experts in each specialist area needed by our clients
  • Acces to first class Asset Managers for our research and to elaborate our investment solutions/advices

Regulated by the FINMA

  • Custodian and securities dealer under Swiss law (open our own accounts)
  • Direct supervision by FINMA like a Swiss banking establishment
  • Code of professional secrecy identical to that of a Swiss banker